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Essential Traffic Generation


Traffic is essential to the health of your online business. You may have the best products or offer amazing services, but if no one knows about them, then it doesn’t really matter how awesome your stuff is.

To get the word out, you need traffic and a lot of it. You may be surprised to learn this but there are several different types of traffic.

When you understand how to get traffic to your website, it’s time to look at ways you can improve that traffic. Start by studying your stats. Are you getting the most traffic from referrals or socials? This can be a sign that all of your time spent networking is resulting in traffic growth.

It’s not enough to hope for more traffic. You need to create an action plan and follow through with it. Before you do that, you have to know what your goal is and how it will benefit your business.

With a concrete goal in mind, it’s easier to plan for new traffic. If your goal is to increase organic traffic, you may plan to publish more blog posts and make sure you’ve optimized your website. If your goal is to attract new leads, you’ll want to focus on creating opt-in offers that delight your subscribers and motivate them to take action.

You can have the best strategies and create amazing action plans to generate more web traffic. However, if you don’t track your results, all of your hard work is meaningless because you don’t know what worked. Unless you know what worked, you can’t use the tactic to repeat future successes.

Templates and Tools Included:

Our goal is to make things simpler for you…to make quicker work of getting you the traffic you need to get more exposure in your online business! With that in mind, let’s look at the tools included in the course.

Module 1: Essential Traffic Generation Insider's Guide

Module 2: Blogging Traffic

  • Blogging Checklist: The Blogging Checklist will show you the simple tweaks you can make to your blog to get more traffic easily.
  • Blogging Planner: The Blogging Planner will guide you through the important questions you need to know to effectively get more traffic to your blog.

Module 3: Email Marketing Traffic

  • Email Marketing Checklist: The Email Marketing Checklist will show you the steps to take to leverage your email list to send traffic back to your blog/website.
  • Email Marketing Planner: The Email Marketing Planner will help you plan out your next steps for using your blog and email marketing to get more traffic.

Module 4: Facebook Traffic

  • Facebook Ads Checklist: The Facebook Ads Checklist will help you stay on the right track as you create your ads.
  • Facebook Ads Tracking Spreadsheet: The Facebook Ads Tracking Spreadsheet will help you record all of the pertinent information to ensure you know what is working in your ads and what you need to change.
  • Facebook Checklist: The Facebook Checklist will show you the necessary steps to take to drive traffic to your website while giving you the biggest return on your time.
  • Facebook Planner: The Facebook Planner will help you create an action plan to drive traffic to your site using Facebook.
    Facebook Live Checklist: The Facebook Live Checklist will help get started broadcasting live to connect with your followers and grow your platform.
  • Facebook Live Planner: The Facebook Live Planner will guide you through creating a strategy for using Facebook Live to build your audience.

Module 5: Google Adwords Traffic

  • Google AdWords Checklist: The Google AdWords Checklist will show you everything you need to consider before you begin advertising using Google AdWords.
  • Google AdWords Tracking Spreadsheet: The Google AdWords Tracking Spreadsheet will be the place to keep track of your different AdWords campaigns along with the performance data so you can analyze and change things as needed.

Module 6: LinkedIn Traffic

  • LinkedIn Checklist: The LinkedIn Checklist will give you the tips you need to use LinkedIn to drive traffic back to your site.
  • LinkedIn Planner: The LinkedIn Planner will help you build a LinkedIn profile and strategy that will help you grow your audience.

Module 7: Pinterest Traffic

  • Pinterest Checklist: The Pinterest Checklist will give you some great tips on using this search engine to its fullest potential to drive consumers back to your website.
  • Pinterest Planner: The Pinterest Planner will help you build your brand and presence using Pinterest.

Module 8: SEO Traffic

  • SEO Checklist: The SEO Checklist will help you create a regular stream of traffic flowing to your website using search engine optimization.
  • SEO Tracking Spreadsheet: The SEO Spreadsheet will help you track your results as you implement different search engine optimization strategies in your business.

Module 9: Twitter Traffic

  • Twitter Checklist: The Twitter Checklist will help you stand out from the crowd on Twitter and send targeted traffic to your website.
  • Twitter Planner: The Twitter Planner will help you strategize on how to best use Twitter based on your audience.

Module 10: Video and YouTube Traffic

  • Video Marketing Checklist: The Video Marketing Checklist will help ensure that you have all the most important elements in place in your videos in order to drive the most traffic.
  • Video Marketing Planner: The Video Marketing Planner will help you document a strategy for your videos so you have a solid plan in place.
  • YouTube Live Checklist: The YouTube Live Checklist will give you many suggestions on how to use YouTube Live to meet your traffic goals.
  • YouTube Live Planner: The YouTube Live Planner will help you get a plan in place for using the popular YouTube Live feature.

As you can see, all the templates included in this month’s package will give you all the information you need to get out there and start generating traffic to build your online business.

Module 1Essential Traffic Generation Insider Guide
Unit 1Download: Essential Traffic Generation Insider's Guide
Module 2Blogging Traffic
Unit 1Downloads: Blogging Traffic
Module 3Email Marketing Traffic
Unit 1Downloads: Email Marketing Traffic
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Essential Traffic Generation

Essential Traffic Generation
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