April 14

Growing Your Email List with a Lead Magnet


Email is one of the best ways to build an audience that is engaged with your brand. It's also one of the best ways to sell products or create a big buzz for your next event or launch. Not growing your email list can mean missed opportunities to connect with those who want to hear from you.

Think about it... when people visit your website, if they don't subscribe, they will probably never return. When people subscribe to your social media feed, you're at the mercy of that social media site as to whether or not they'll show your updates to your subscribers. Email makes it easier to stay in touch with your followers and build trust with them.

This marketing plan is designed to help you grow your list and includes:

Report template: Don't just offer a subscription to a newsletter, sweeten the deal with a targeted free offer like a report. Choose a problem your target customer has and help them start solving that problem with your report and then entice them to buy your product. The template is included in this package is an invaluable resource designed to help you turn more subscribers into customers.

Opt-in page copy: If you're relying on an opt-in box on the sidebar of your website, you're missing out on a lot of subscribers. Having a dedicated page to promote your opt-in offer is critical for boosting your conversion rates. We're calling this an "opt-in page", but it's a landing page that goes by other names like "squeeze page" or "lead capture page." No matter what you call it, it should be part of your marketing strategy. This month's template shows the important elements to include in your opt-in page to increase your opt-ins.

Opt-in video script: Video is known to dramatically boost opt-in conversions. A short video, showing your face to get your visitor excited about your free offer, can go a long way to securing new subscribers and creating a stronger bond with your subscriber from the outset. We've included a simple script to help you come up with a quick and compelling video that is sure to bring more subscribers to your list.

Thank-you page copy: A key component of the opt-in process, your thank you page, sets the tone for your new relationship with your subscriber. It's also a great place to turn that new subscriber into a customer and this copy template helps you do that.

Thank-you email: Once your subscriber opts in, you want them to check their email and look forward to receiving your messages. Welcome them to your list and include a reminder about your offer with this template.

Each template comes with instructions for filling in the blanks and using it to its fullest potential.

Module 1Growing Your Email List with a Lead Magnet Insider Guide
Unit 1Download: Growing Your Email List with a Lead Magnet Insider's Guide
Module 2Report Template
Unit 1Download: Report Template
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